Company Profile:

Acris GmbH was founded 1998 as a spin-off of DPC Biermann GmbH, the German subsidiary of Diagnostic Products Corp., Los Angeles. Acris took over responsibility for marketing the DPC Biermann research products. From 1999 to 2003 Acris GmbH focused more and more on the research antibodies.

The first Antibody Catalog was released in 1999 and the number of antibodies increased from several hundreds in 1998 to more than 16,000 in 2003. In the beginning Acris GmbH focused strongly on the German market serving as a distributor for US and UK antibody manufacturers, but later (2001/2002) more and more products were sold with the DPC label to customers all over the world. In 2002 50% of all antibodies were sold as DPC products and Acris GmbH set up a network of distributors starting with the USA, UK and some countries in Asia.

In September 2003 Acris GmbH became a fully independent company and took over all research products and customers from DPC Biermann GmbH. Acris GmbH was renamed Acris Antibodies GmbH as this would better reflect our mission. Logistics and customer service moved into the new service and logistics center in Herford and all former DPC products are sold with the Acris Antibodies label now.

It is our mission to serve the research community with high quality research products. From the beginning it was our idea to resolve a problem which confronts nearly any researcher: “How can I find a product/antibody that will work optimally in my research application”. To help these scientists we use two approaches: first we try to collect as many high quality antibodies as possible in one catalog and one online database. But, of course, we are not able to offer antibodies for any possible application and any possible target. Therefore, it can happen that the researcher will not find in our database what he is looking for in spite of the vast number of products. To help these customers we introduced the Antibody Location Service, our second approach. “Antibody Location” means for us, that the researcher tells us what he really needs and we look for a suitable product using catalogs, online databases, search engines etc. Within 24-48 hours the researcher will receive an analysis of available products.

In 2004 and 2005 many new product lines were added. The number of primary antibodies in our online catalog increased to more than 20,000. By now, the distributor network covers most of the developed far east countries, North America, and most European countries. In the last two years, Acris Antibodies became the fastest growing antibody supplier in Germany with a doubling in turnover during this time. In the next couple of years we expect to extend our catalog of primary antibodies to >25,000 and to complete our distributor network. More and more production steps will be performed in house to make us independent from other suppliers. This will lead to faster delivery and more flexibility to meet the customers' needs.