Company Profile:

Signalway Antibody Co., Ltd (SAB) is a professional manufacturer of phospho-specific antibodies, committed to providing antibodies with the highest quality and a favourable price to clients all over the world. Having established the production and research platform for phospho-specific antibodies, we have currently about 800 antibodies in our portfolio covering 18 main cell-signalling pathways in house. We are also focusing on the research and development of early-diagnosis kits for major diseases, and other related projects.

With a complete Quality Assurance and Control System our scientists can monitor all processes from production to delivery. To ensure the specifity, stability an continuity of our products, our QC department verificates all batches through many detection methods such as Western Blot, Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence and others.

Compared to similar products on the international market, the pricing of SAB products is very competitive. Furthermore, we have shortened the delivery time by establishing three sales centers in Europe (Gateshead, UK), America (Maryland, USA) and Asia (Nanjing, China). Customers will therefore receive their orders within three days. Our technical service department will answer all inquiries within 24 hours and resolve any problems customers might have. If clients need a verification of tests, it will be provided within a week.

SAB also offers a custom antibody service. Every project is of the utmost importance to us and we will always strive to deliver the best and most satisfactory solutions to our partners.